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Cloud Computing (Coming Soon)
We are tying up with some world leading service providers to provide you state of the art and economical cloud services like IaaS, PaaS, Serverless, and SaaS at your door steps as a turn key Cloud solution that will cover your end to end IT needs. We are designing these services as One Stop Shop (OSS) to provide you convenience of fulfilling all your IT needs and solution from one place.
IT Security
We help you to identify, understand, and resolve information security issues that may be putting your organization and its valued assets at risk and provide following services:

– Network Security
– Internet Security
– Endpoing Security
– Application Security

Computer Repair
Hardware maintenance and support services are preventive and remedial services that physically repair or optimize hardware, including contract maintenance and per-incident repair. Hardware support also includes online and telephone technical troubleshooting and assistance for setup, and all fee-based hardware warranty upgrades.

Our maintenance service allows our valued customer to maximize the availability of their infrastructure and services to their users and customers. To do this, our interventions are aimed at:

– Prevent the occurrence of incidents.
– Restore service as quickly as possible to any incident.
– Avoid repeating incidents.

Network Design
At Global Networking eXperts, we offer wired and wireless business network solutions, that offer a consistent user experience and address common networking challenges, whilst allowing you to take control of your networks future, all the while allowing you to remain flexible to adopt new technologies, improve your infrastructure, increase performance and lower your costs.
Data Center Virtualization
We, at Global Networking eXperts design, build and deploy the Data Centers active components and we also specialize in Data Center Virtualization using multiple Hypervisor solutions.

We not only design, build and deploy the Data Center but also provide our extended services of operations, maintenance, post deployment support and outsourcing maintenance services through our expert managed services.

Website Design and Hosting
We Design websites with your need in mind. We consider your specific experience and working habit, search engine optimization, ease of use, and technical details are just a few elements that are involved when we design and develop your website. Websites designed and developed by us are excellent in performance and highly competitive in today’s marketplace.

As a web hosting service provider, we provide the state-of-the-art technologies and unmatched services needed for your website to be viewed in the Internet. Your websites are hosted, or stored, on our specially designed cloud computers for a faster, secure, and continuous website hosting experience.

Project Management
Our Project Managers obtain an understanding of the client’s organization and the business process, organizational resources and reporting requirements to help the clients to their constraints and offered organizational opportunities. Our PM understand the factors that are important to the clients they deal with – namely a cost effective service of the highest quality delivered within the set timescale.

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Our office is located in prime location of Karachi, which is II Chundrigar road. Where all local and foreign banks, their head offices and most of the corporate offices are located. It’s located opposite to the State Bank of Pakistan.

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Three ways to social media integration on your website
1. Social share and follow buttons
The easiest way to start integrating social media on your website is to add follow buttons to your pages. The website header and footer is where you will often find social links, so start there. If your website includes a blog, add social share buttons to its articles so users can quickly repost, tweet or even pin your content.
Price $445
2. Social login  
If your website requires users to log in, you can incorporate social buttons by allowing users to sign in through their social media profile. Providing users this simple, convenient step can benefit your business by increasing user sign-up rates, as well as gathering social insights that you can use to better market your business.
Price $545
3. Social photos and videos
Showcasing your social photos and videos on your website is another simple step that can quickly attract new visitors and grow your follower counts. Furthermore, not every business can afford to produce and publish high-end videos consistently, so adding videos from your social profiles can reduce the bounce rate on your website.
Price $645

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